A bit of colour

It has been a few weeks since my last update.

The painter came in and covered all the cabinets in plastic and masked up everything that shouldn’t be painted (doors, windows, cabinets, bench tops the lot).

Then he locked himself in (and I mean locked himself in) and started painting.

I came to inspect the progress only to find that I couldn’t actually go inside but could hear the humming of the air compressor.

The next day I show up hoping to try my luck again. This time the doors were unlocked.
The painter was happily working away he had done his first coat of ceiling and wall paint.

I had a good chat with him and it was determined 2 coats spray painted on, then 1 coat rolled on for both the ceiling and the walls, plus all corners and edges painted with a brush.

Over the days I have visited he had all the doors removed and painted and stained.

Today on my lunch break I went down to see the progress and was pleased to see all the doors mounted and the painter working on painting all the architraves.

The final thing left for him to do was to stain the exit doors and he would be done for all the internal works.

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Render completed

Renderer came out today and finished the render.

All the pillars are done, the corbel’s are rendered and it all looks awesome.

I am extremely impressed with the workmanship of the render. The detail and quality is absolutely impressive.


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Patch work done

Plasterers came back to do some patch work, fixing dents and scratches, and any areas that needed a bit more coverage.

Not sure if its deliberate or not but the plaster patch work is a slightly different colour to the original plaster work. Might be so that when Q&A and site supervisor comes back he can see what has been done.

Either way its noticeable that someone has come back to fix up the bits and pieces.

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Cabinets fitted

All the cabinets fitted were fitted today.

The white overhead cabinets in the kitchen and laundry look great, and the contrast of the brown base cabinets work great together.

The house is coming along nicely.

Just over 2 months in, the Easter deadline looks to be easily achievable.
The way its going and what all the tradies are saying it looks to be a Christmas / New Year hand over.

Would be a lovely Christmas gift.

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Cabinets delivered

As we were leaving a late night progress visit a truck approaches pulls up and and before I know it a couple of blokes are unloading the cabinets for the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and powder room.

I spent the next hour escorting the guys around the house carrying my torch to shine some light in the house as they unloaded the truck.

I wasn’t expecting this delivery, but hey surprises are good.

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Cedar bulk heads above entry

I’m loving the cedare bulk heads above the entry.

The chippies did a great job of it.

Now where else can I get cedar around the home…hmmmm

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Render colour applied today (take 2)

This time round the weather was better and as so the renderers came out and applied the colour coat of render.

All I can say is WOW….I love the colour, when you look at it on the sample in Cosham you think yea its ok, and you try to visualise it but until you see it on the grand scale it doesn’t do it justice. Not even the image does it justice.

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